Jul 25th, 1:54am
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when will the muppets give back manhattan 

Jul 24th, 17:23pm
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leaving this behind

leaving this behind

Jul 24th, 15:05pm
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i guess i come off as flowery and femme and quiet gentle nymph here, but in reality i’m a very brash, crude, outspoken jackass who spits hella  hot fire. 

Jul 24th, 14:48pm
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the one hundred year old carpet

Jul 24th, 14:44pm
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flower faced little me 

flower faced little me 

Jul 22nd, 15:31pm
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basic body language reading skills show that i’m insecure about my

  • cheeks
  • neck
  • chin

i know it, i know my photos show it, but whatever i do what i do. 

Jul 22nd, 15:26pm
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gold unibrow out takes

ghost café